by the power of Ramen and Japanese origins: food。

It may be a tiny step, but the world remain unchanged if we give up. We want to show our constant challenge towards the next generation to live the future。

By cutting down the consumption of animal flesh (meat) ultimately we believe that we solve all the problems on the earth planet as「Top priority issues」including starvation。

To that end, we all need to come together, to choose delicious and fun vegan food for not just vegans following the plant based diet. We serve alternative choice of ramen completely 100% plant based which appeal to everyone。

High thinking, simple yet comfortable living。

To vegans
We appreciate very much for your everyday effort and commitment to a vegan lifestyle for the earth and the world.
This is our heartfelt gratitude, which we offer Japanese street food including rich Vegan Ramen, you rarely find even if you search all over the world。

※To non-Vegan people
Thank you for your interest. We would like to contribute to a sustainable society and the earth by making things that are “delicious enough without meat” and we are happy if you think “I like this kind of way of eating, occasionally”. Apart from that there is no need for everyone to be 100% Vegan. Let’s enjoy it deliciously and happily to improve the earth。